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February 11
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- Improved boost fairness (so opponent doesn't get unwanted overrides over player boosts (rare but could happen))
- Added 7 new boosts!
- Added 2 new reward pictures (you know you see the last of them when you see the "Twin-tickles" text.)

Okay, here's my new flash game!

Technically it's not hard to learn, but harder to master and before (or while) you start you might want to read up on the guide below, because that should clear up a lot of the confusion.

First things first...

First of all, this game allows you to "stop and pick up again later", provided you have the correct settings done to your browser (specifically to allow flash-cookies). Alternatively you can play this offline (after first downloading it - rightclick the "Download" button on the dA page and then choose "Save as...") because browsers tend to save flash cookies if you use the flash from your harddisk. I can't and won't give further help in how to get this working in the browser, you can google as well as me.

Secondly, this game has small "rewards" for playing and leveling up. There's in total 5 different pictures that you can see. The first one is available on team level 1 & 2, the next on 3 & 4, the third on team level 5 & 6, you get it. Going past level 10 there's nothing new coming.

GUIDE (Recommended reading)

Okay, so the first time you start this game, the only button you see is "Start a new team". If you have the flash cookies enabled (see above) you'll get a second button on next playing sessions, which allows you to continue with your existing team instead.

If you choose to start a new team you'll get a line-up of 8 girls. These are YOUR TEAM. Also, read the text on the screen, this introduces you to the game. You can choose to rename the girls on your team if you like (by selecting the name or dragging over it - you can change it). When you're happy with the team and you've read the introduction text, you can press the "Start" button at the bottom, which takes you straight into the game, to your first match!

When the match starts, four of your team's girls are chosen at random (via a lottery - you don't see this part) and they are placed at the bottom of your screen. So the other four stay at the side-line to watch the show. There's an opposite team of girls (only four of them shown at the same time) which are placed in the top of the screen. The opposing team is always displayed on RED cards, your girls are always displayed on YELLOW cards. So whenever you see these yellow cards, it's your girls.

Each match exists of 4 rounds, and each girl gets one go (typically, but there's an exception to this, which you'll find out later). Both players play cards SIMULTANEOUSLY (one card at a time) so you can't know beforehand which of the girls the other team sends into the ring, unless of course it's the last round. You need to go for a bit of luck, guessing or gambling when it comes to this, and hope your girl faces someone she can handle.

Once in the ring, the girls approach each other and have to try to tickle one another. If one succeeds to make the other laugh then she wins and the laughing girl loses. Winning GAINS you a star and losing COSTS you a star. Every girl starts out with 2 stars. The maximum amount of stars you can have is 5 (at which time you get a +5 point strategy bonus, but more about that later) and the minimum is 0 stars. If you would lose more stars than you have, you are permanently defeated and a new girl will luckily be ready to join your team.

Tickling with the Stars!

Each of your girls has their own stats, and you can see those on their cards. The most important statistics are the ones in the boxes on the right: Strat (Strategy), Atk (Attack skill), Def (Defense). I'll explain these from bottom to top because that's easiest:

DEF: Defense symbolizes your ability to defend yourself against an opponent trying to tickle you. This is a combination of your pure self control, toughness, concentration, but also possible armor/clothing you're wearing. The higher your defense is, the better you can resist an incoming tickle attack.

ATK: Attack skill symbolizes how skilled you are at tickling; your techniques. Do you just fumble around or do you know exactly when to apply pressure and when to just touch an area lightly? What is most effective when. What are a persons weak spots and sensitive areas? The better you know this, the better you can deliver a devastating attack. This is pit directly against the opponent's DEF value, so if you have an ATK of 3 but the opponent has DEF 4 you'll never get a laugh out of them, except maybe the grin and sneering comment about your sloppy techniques. ATK also defines the amount of experience you gain when you meet your opponent in the ring. Successfully tickling them yields the best experience, but for failing to get through to them, or even being tickled helps.

STRAT: Last but not least; Strategy. This is all about how you go about approaching your opponent. Do you jump them, or lure them in and then suddenly deflect them and grab their sides? A good strategy is no guarantee to landing the tickle opportunity, but it certainly helps! Your strategy value is pit against the opponent's strategy and this is done RIGHT at the start of the fight. The higher your strat is compared to your opponent's strat, the higher the chance is you'll be the tickler instead of the ticklee. Even with a strat of 100 vs 1, the opponent CAN surprise you and take the upper hand, so there are no guarantees to this, just improvements on your chances.

STARS: It's all about stars, baby! Stars represent fame and success. If you're a five star fighter, the audience is cheering FOR YOU and the boost gives you a +5 bonus to your stat (so if you have a stat of 3, it raises it to 8, giving you a nice edge over an opponent with a stat of 3). Having a bunch of stars gives you some room for losses, so it's not immediately a problem if you don't win a match or two. But that's not the only thing stars are good for. If you have gained enough fame (at least 4 stars) you can BUY a piece of armour, or a BRUSH from the shop (shows up in between of matches when appropriate). the armour gives you extra protection (+5 def) while the brush improves your ATK by 5. Gives you a nice edge for 'almost free' (because stars you can earn back by winning and if you're good enough to get 4 or 5 stars, you can do so again, right?)

EXP: The other way of improving your statistics is by leveling up, which happens once you've gained enough experience (EXP). There's a bar at the bottom, and it takes a total points of 5 times the current level to get to the next level. So at level 1 you only need to get 5 points of experience to reach level 2, but at level 2 you need 10, at 3 you need 15, and so on. Each time you gain a level you can raise your STRAT, ATK and DEF. You get in total 4 points to spend for this and you can divide them over the statistics in any way you wish. If you like to put everything to ATK or to DEF, or perhaps STAT, you can do that. Whether that is a smart thing to do is for you to decide. Each of the three statistics has their value and each of them are important. You can't just put everything into ATK (ignoring strat and def) thinking that you'll win a lot... because that's not how it works. You'll see why.

BOOSTS: There's one final perk to this game, and that's BOOSTS. They are like extra skills/bonuses which you can activate to get an EXTRA edge in the fights. These boosts are earned by winning rounds. Since there's four rounds per match, you can win a maximum of 4 boosts per match, but usually you'll earn less (because of lost rounds and 'draws'. -- a draw happens if the tickler can't get through the defense of the ticklee and thus doesn't get her to laugh). After the match (four rounds) is over you'll go to the "end of the match" display, where you see ALL of your eight girls (four at the bottom and four at the top). If you won any rounds you will see boost(s) displayed. They have a name and a short description. There's a number on the left of them and that shows in which order they are given. You'll have two buttons per card and they allow you to put the boost on the card (or replace an existing one). When you have put the last of the boosts onto a card you're automatically taken onward. If you didn't earn any boosts then you'll just get a notification of this and a button to continue to the next match.

This is also where you see a (small) image of two girls tickling each other, which is one of the bonus pictures. There's a pink "+/-" button to the right of it, which you can press to enlarge it. As I mentioned totally in the beginning, every few levels there's a new picture (you can see your team's level above the picture) so it might be nice to see if you can improve your team's qualifications.

Finally, when you have active combatants with boosts, you'll need to ACTIVATE the boost to use it, and they're one-time use. You can activate them by clicking on them... but you must do so before playing the card.

Note, that also the opponent will earn boosts by winning rounds, so sooner than later you'll probably have to face some of their advanced strategies as well.

I hope this prepares you sufficiently to understand the game... the rest is up to you. It takes practice to become a master!

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Captain-Tickles Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
one of the enemys is called sophie cole my last name is cole
illionore Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014   Traditional Artist
The teams are generated randomly. It's very possible that some people see familiar names (although as both first and last names are randomized, this is purely coincidental).
Bondomunk Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014
Can you make it downloadable so I can open it in another window? It doesn't fit my screen as is. :(
OmegaSupreme7 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014
This is pretty nice. Wish there was girl customization and stripping with lost stars.
illionore Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014   Traditional Artist
there's dressing up, rather than stripping... but yeah, you never know, perhaps some day if I want to make another game like this.

Thanks for the comment! =)
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koalabearman Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
This is great! Thank you!Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap :D (Big Grin) 
illionore Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2014   Traditional Artist
^__^ Nice to hear you like it!
aloynna Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2014  Student General Artist
and can a kid play this?
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