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Drawing Day - Yellow People by illionore Drawing Day - Yellow People by illionore
DONG! - the clock strikes midnight here now, which marks the end of Drawing Day for me. And so I managed to finish my second submission just in time! Of course in a large part of the world it is still drawing day now, with many hours to go.

And so now for something completely different!

I love the Simpsons and thus far you haven't seen anything Simpson related on my galleries. Well, I thought it was time to change that and what better time to give the Simpsons a go than drawing day...?

So I paused my regular projects for this day and gave the yellow people some deserved appreciation. At the same time I decided to take 'drawing' in a much wider scope than it usually is... using different kinds of mediums (or media, not sure which is the official plural form for artwork - I find both versions used extensively).

I managed to complete no less than EIGHT Simpson illustrations and decided to combine them into one picture. I had several more cool ideas but aside from that there just wasn't time to do it all, I decided it would be better to pick a few rather than try to do TOO much in one day. Some of these items were quite experimental and not all of them worked out so well (e.g. number 7 and a 'Simpsons Stick-figure' drawing I didn't even include).

Here's some more words on each of the items in the picture:

1. This is Marge Simpson, obviously. I drew her shape with pencil on a blue paper (suits her hair) and then cut it out with scissors and a knife for the itty bitty part near the arm. Then I made a digital photo of it.

2. This is of course Maggie's pacifier. These are pins on a pinboard. If they are called like that. Was quite a bit of work to get this completed, despite of that the picture isn't so complex.

3. Another Marge Simpson. This is actually cinnamon that I moved around on a paper to get the 'lines' into the right shapes. Also that was quite tricky! Maybe the result isn't too striking, but I think it's recognizable as Marge.

4. This is the final drawing of the day. After doing all the others I decided to do one using my original method: Pencil drawing, scanned and then coloured with the computer. It was supposed to be the 'centerpiece' of the collage, but I didn't end up with all the ideas worked out and it wasn't doable to put all the other pictures around it. This is possibly the best drawing of all eight, simply because the way it is build up is what I do on an almost daily basis for my comic too.

5. Lisa Simpson. I have difficulty deciding whether I like this picture best or picture number 4. For this picture I went outside, because I needed a feather (and I was lucky enough to find one within acceptable time!) So yes, I actually drew this picture with a real feather (shown also on the photo) and with ecoline. I had never done this before (only a little bit of experience with a fountain pen or crown pen if that's the right term) It was amazingly easy! I had expected to have a real hard time drawing with the feather dipped in ink. It wasn't very easy to control line thickness, especially when I started, but got the hang of it along the way. I lightly sketched this with pencil first, to make sure it would look good... Ink is so difficult to erase! :P

6. Homer Simpson. Drawn on a white-board with a marker. Actually he is drawing himself there... hehe. Little inside joke.

7. Well. This is SUPPOSED to be Bart Simpson. I don't know if you can make it out after telling you. It was great weather outside and there were lots and lots of those yellow flowers around, so I came up with the idea to use some elements of nature to create Bart. This was the most annoying (also because the rock surface was a bit angled so stuff kept rolling down...) and mosquitos or other bugs were bugging me at the same time. I don't like bugs so that was an extra challenge. Anyway, this one didn't work out so well. Could have worked but only with a lot bigger size. I didn't want to break nature more than this.

8. Used some 'flexible canvas' here. I drew this with pen, couldn't do any sketching or erasing first so it had to be right in one go. I think it worked out really well. Yes, I did have reference pictures at hand because I obviously haven't drawn the Simpsons enough yet to be able to do it by heart. It was a little funny, I realized afterwards, to draw a baby on one's belly. But no, there's no baby inside! =D

That's all folks!
For drawing day 2011 from me at least.

Oh, and the Simpsons are of course (c) by Matt Groening.
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