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Non-canonical Events

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 17, 2015, 10:00 PM

Canon or not?

There's the Jen series, and then there's the Kelsey comic. These are canon and only rarely there's a 'non-canon' page out of nowhere. Or a picture that you'd NEVER see because things just wouldn't happen.

The exclusive image you see below is one of those scenes that are 'non-canonical', because Kelsey never actually met Miki. And this while Miki used to be a BIG character in the Jen series... before the apocalypse. Jen reverted the bad stuff... but in the process also changed other parts of history as we knew it.

And in the meantime, now and then it's fun to step onto the path that is away from the familiar. What would happen if Flek-Hi-See would meet Jen? What if Kelsey fell in love with Superman... What would happen if Amanda and Marge Simpson would be involved in a tickle competition... or if Nora would try to ambush Daenerys (Game of Thrones)? Or what might happen if Mindy would raid tombs alongside Lara Croft and they would get into a fight over the found treasure?

I think we might well find out the answer to one of these scenarios, or many possible other scenarios as THIS SUMMER I'm opening a story writing competition for non-canonical occurrences between the Jen universe and any other universe (as long as it doesn't involve religions, hate, etc.). This is a non-KX contest, but if you wish, it is possible to write two versions of the story and submit the vanilla version for the contest.

More details here (click the picture below):
Non-canon writing competition 2015 by illionore


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HumiliatedGamer95 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New Deviant
Bawk! Bawk!
ChristopherJogen Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2015  New Deviant
Where's a good place to start if I was interested in making flash games like yours?
illionore Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2015   Traditional Artist
I can't find the tutorial videos that I went through when learning AS3... but they were a good place for ME to start. And that is with taken into consideration that I already had a good amount of programming experience (in other languages) and game making. Despite of that, WITH those tutorials, it was quite a steep learning curve still. But practice makes mastery.

The things that you're going to need (and need to do) are the following:
- First, the tool. Get Adobe Flash Pro (I got CS5.5, they may have later versions out by now but I didn't pay attention to that). These day they have the tool on 'rental' over the cloud, rather than purchase... which is cheaper if you just want to play around with it for a month or two... but the 'pay-when-you-use' subscription model isn't something I like... I am happy it was still 'purchase once' when I bought mine. You need the tool to do anything, and that goes from practicing to making stuff. There ARE other programs for free, which you can use to make flash, but really, you're going to be looking at a MUCH more complicated process of creating flash and end up with very poor compression (so huge files), to name two very clear drawbacks. Go for Flash Pro or don't do it. That's my advice.
- Then, STUDY the language. Do NOT try to make a game right away! You'll want to look for flash tutorials, and make sure you look for those that are using the same LANGUAGE you are learning. I am using the language known as 'ActionScript 3' (or for short 'AS3'). It is possible to use 'AS2' (which foregoes that version) in Flash Pro, but AS3 is more powerful, has more features, etc. It's newer! Also, there's a bunch of differences between the two... so in order to NOT make your learning process unnecessarily more difficult and confuse yourself just more along the way... pick one and stick with it. If you decide to learn AS2, use only that. If you go for AS3, use only that. And then, as I said, STUDY the language. Look for a good place where they have good tutorials for beginners (e.g. AS3 tutorials for beginners) and take everything ONE step at a time. Make a so called 'movie clip' (i.e. 'object') and learn how to put it on the stage, make it move, allow clicking on it, rotate, resize, etc. Learn the basics and practice with them. My first flash looks like this: My first flash by illionore
The 'smile boxes' are movie clips (objects) and clicking on them toggles between rotating left and right. 
- If you want to make games, you have to have a good amount of knowledge and practice already with various concepts, such as: movie clips and their properties, mouse input, timers, frames, maybe collision (if you want to use that). But in addition to that, you're going to need a DESIGN. You need to know what your game is going to do, and how to accomplish that with your code. This is a skill that's totally separate from learning actionScript and if you don't know this yet, it may be another big challenge! However... some games are much easier to do than others. If you want to make a pac-man game with a maze and complete with a computer AI... you're going to be looking at really advanced stuff and formulas and whatnot. You really MUST not attempt to create such a game for your first game. Start with 'hello world' and make something a little more challenging/complex each time you make a game, until you're ready to face something that big and complex.
ChristopherJogen Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2015  New Deviant
Well all I can say is thank you very much for taking the time to respond with such an informative response. It's very resourceful and clear. I may not get very far, but I will at least be looking into some of the things you wrote about. Thanks again.
illionore Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2015   Traditional Artist
You're welcome. Don't think you won't get very far... set your expectations realistically. Play around with the objects first, learn how to scale them, move them around, rotate, etc. Try to make simple things first and then see if you can take it a small step further. Don't put too lofty game plans to start with. Something that doesn't demand much from you (both coding wise and in complexity) are definitely attainable. Here's an example:

Put a question on the stage (e.g. "What is Nora's favourite colour?"). Then make three objects which are pretty much like squares with a colour on it... so you make e.g. a blue, a red and yellow one. Then, make them clickable... and as a result, show the animation/picture (another 'movie-clip' object, basically) as reward. And then you show the chosen artwork for a 'correct or wrong' answer given. This is about as simple as it gets and achievable in a very short time (without needing to learn too much). If at this kind of stage you need help, just send me a PM and if I have time I'll try to help a bit.
collegegirlAlicia Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2015
Keep up the good work ^^.  Thanks for providing us with an amamzing comic series and games . 
illionore Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2015   Traditional Artist
Thanks for the great compliments, collegegirlAlicia! ^__^ Glad to hear you're enjoying all the work I put into this!
relulover1 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
sok06 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2015
man, what happened to wonderland?
illionore Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2015   Traditional Artist
I don't know what you're referring to?
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